920 E. Lake Street #111N
Minneapolis, MN 55407

About Rituals Inc.

Our company’s objective is to inspire optimal health and wellness. Since the early 2000s, Rituals has promoted the awareness and practice of applying healthy ingredients to our bodies--inside and out. Our cupboard spices and weeded boulevards hold powerful ingredients that aim to help our bodies heal themselves. That honor is firmly upheld in the creation of our product.

Using high quality mixtures has helped Rituals establish a viable product name in communities across the country. We aim to advance that recognition globally. Encouraging aromatherapy as a "good habit" makes our product all the more applicable to your daily life. This is a healthy Ritual. We stand with gratitude for those who've come before us and helped make our cosmetic creations successful.

Our dedication to health and wellness has built the company’s success. The majority of our ingredients are locally and nationally sourced. This offers local platforms for those interested in entering beauty product arenas. The mysticism of Mother Earth and all of her provisions keeps us humbly sustaining old creation practices, while integrating new facets of ingredient resources.

Rituals is run by an enormously talented mother and daughter team, who encourage you to join us pursuing health and wellness through our naturally magical product.

Our Story

Over fifteen years ago, Antoinette was sharing breakfast with her two-year-old granddaughter when the girl spoke the word, "Antonana." From that moment on, Antoinette applied the catchy, unique name to the unique areas of her life. 

Antoinette began creating natural body products as a form of meditation away from her day job as a therapeutic counselor. She started giving her products to her co-workers as holiday gifts, but people quickly started asking to introduce her product to their friends and families. 

In 2003, Antoinette’s son helped her open her first business. With an official business, Antoinette attracted a larger consumer base and steadily expanded her love of cosmetic creations.

Today, with nearly 20 years experience, Antoinette has extended her product lines to include body sprays, natural incense, and facial products. All Rituals products continue to be made paraben-, petroleum-, and sulfate-free--just the way our bodies like it!

Antoinette's love for creating natural cosmetics continued through her transition from therapist to retiree, and it continues today. She continues to educate the public on the importance of healthy body products and their use on our skin and advocates for healing through aromatherapy. An important goal for Antoinette is to have her products internationally embraced and supported.  

A message from Antoinette: “Thank you for your support through the use of my products. I make them with intentions of inspiration and sustainable love from me to you!”